International transportation

Airline Transportation

Airline Transportation : The average number of total return who are over 30 million transactions in the Ataturk Airport , the Air Transportation form of transport that most foreign trade which made ​​our company serves with its expert staff ,Today, every company that we have multiple IATA and NON-IATA companies can not apply because the contract price and promotional experts in all major destinations .

We provide the world’s door to door from the port and harbor transport services to many countries . However, company policy that we need All in price (including all costs) d . Our freight rates are undertakings to pay out a surprise formalizing a contract .

We provide transfer rates up on different airlines and offer our customers a choice by offering direct service options.

Your merchandise is delivered by drawing pictures for us during entry to the warehouse is a very valuable way of our customer service representatives by e-mail to company officials. AWB draft certainly not published without the approval of our customers.

Transportation of hazardous materials ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Organization ) is prepared by taking lessons from past accidents and all CARRIER ( air carrier ) by being guided by expert teams on the packaging of accepted standards

İn no time you will not regret for choosing our company is taking firm steps to become indispensable in airline logistics. Shipping is valuable to be left to non-specialists and managers in the business inexperienced company . The famous Irish trainer and author C. S. LEWIS ‘ as well as in ” you do not know what will harm you probably have heard , but it gives you business.


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