International transportation

Railroad Transportation

Railroad Transportation; railroads greatly affected the economic conditions in the world and provided very important supremacy to people in the area of time and distance. At first the development in railroad transportation had been so fast. While the length of world’s railroads was 77.000 km in 1840, it reached to 860.000 km in 1905 and 1.110.000 km in 1913.  Generally it is seen that the construction of world railroads has come to lose its speed after that day.

This decrease is caused by some rail lines being shut in developed countries while new lines were being constructed in developing countries.Railroads provide lower costs compared to road and airline transportation in transporting bulky, high density and lower value loads in long distances.

There are two important locations where railroads are gathered on the world. These are;

*East of North America.

In these two locations, there are very few settlements 20 km away from any rail lines. In the other locations of the world, railroads are gathered in six different locations:

*South Asia (mostly India and Pakistan)
*Australia (mostly south-east of the continent)
*East Asia (Japan, Korea, Manchuria)
*South Africa
*East Argentina
*Coastal Regions of Brazil

Railroads are rare and so away from each other out of these areas. Most inner regions of South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Northern regions of North America do not have railroads


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