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Maritime Transportation

Maritime TransportationThere are 172 ports in our country which has total 8333 km long coastal stretch, and now there are 21 public port, 23 municipality port and 128 private ports available in Turkey.  The ports can be defined as headquarters where the trade goods enter to and exit from the economy.  As in throughout the world, a great portion of international logistics is still carried out through maritime transport which is still the most economic system.

Our company also regards International Maritime Transportation which have such an importance for our country and world’s commerce activities.  We carry out Full Container (FCL), Partial Container (LCL), Open top container, Flat Rack Container, Reefer Container, Tank Container and Open Cargo Ship Transportations. Thanks to special annual agreements that we draw up with ship owners in International Maritime Transportation,

We Provide Services of transportation from door to door and port to port with the policy of affordable prices.  In our transportations, we notify your officials via our customer representatives about day and estimated day arrival information.

It is not a problem that you do not have a place and ramp for loading containers. Our esteemed customers are informed by implementing the cubic meter calculations of your goods and maximum carriage capacity of the container accompanied by our expert staff. Since commercial confidentiality of our customers are very important to us, an agreement is drawn up regarding not disclosing the type of goods with 3rd parties after drawing up an agreement orally and commercial guarantee is provided. Also we make it official with a contract to guarantee not to generate any extra cost to our customers about the freight.

We provide necessary warnings to our customers for not to aggrieve them by following-up customs procedures in the countries to which we make transports thanks to our expert personnel and partners abroad.

You will never regret preferring us, remember “ THERE IS NO IMPOSSIBLE FOR US, THE MIRACLES TAKES ALITTLE TIME "


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