International transportation

Project Transportation

Project Transportation is a process that requires an operational management and technical expertise that is unique for your load. Since the said project is a cargo, security, time, right equipment and route selection has a critical importance. A right consultancy and organization service is the main element that will provide the process to be completed smoothly.

Our professional staff determine the dimensions, weight and industrial characteristics of your load and select most suitable special equipment accordingly (Open Top, Flat Rack, Super Flat Rack). Goods which cannot be loaded to special type containers are transported in bulk with Ro-Ro or bulk carrier ships. Supplementary services that we provide in Project Transportations are safe conducts of interim shipments implemented by low bed or special vehicle, escort vehicle, crane, installation, certification, letter of credit and insurance consultancy.

Our company is experienced especially in the ports of China and Far East in the import of your special loads, and carries out shipment organizations of investment products such as eccentric press, cnc power lathe, plastic injection machine, turnkey operation, automation line transportation, printing house and construction equipment.In export, we enable transportation of global construction projects, printing house, printing, wire weaving and packaging machines from any location in Turkey to especially Africa and Middle East countries.


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